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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 12 – December 2022


With 2022 marching towards the almost end, we are grateful and glad to have conducted 20+ events, engaging 650+ volunteers in this month of November. It has been a month full of learning. Beginning with the completion of the ‘75 Days of Change’, we were able to conduct as many as 6 classes in a month and educate students with practical education. With all such learnings and memories we travel with the hope to plant more, teach and train more, work more and above all serve more, that we will become the change we want in our world to be.

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Concluding the successful journey!

A seed, although may be small, it has the potential to grow as a huge tree. That is exactly how the meager thought of conducting a 75 days continuous volunteering birthed in one of the casual conversation at the Thuvakkam office. The conclusion of the campaign met its successful end at our Sholinganallur handover session. The event was graced by Mr. S. Aravind Ramesh MLA of Sholinganallur constituency, Chairman of zone 15, the Assistant Commissioner of the zone and Councillor of  ward No.199. Through the campaign about 1800+ volunteers were engaged and  31,500+ lives were impacted.

Seeding this campaign was beneficial in engaging the volunteers to together do good for the betterment of our environment and society, and the nation at large. The volunteers were involved from various educational institutions including schools and colleges and also with various corporate employees. 

We are looking forward to create more impact and having more volunteers spend their precious time volunteering for the betterment. Do not contain your desire to volunteer but join us today, link to register is; 

Onfield volunteering 

Virtual volunteering  

Change Happenings

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Change Created – November 2022


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Spotlight of the Month

Seeding for the better tomorrow.

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult” and we, at Thuvakkam, tirelessly aim and work towards bettering our nation’s tomorrow by educating our children today. Thuvakkam focuses on educating the children of government schools with a set curriculum under the Karka Kasadara project. 

Karka Kasadara majorly focuses on practical education where the topics include science & technology, politics, environment, ‘who am i?’ and etc., are taught, with practical activities. The discussion conducted, involving the students, helped the students in understanding the concept well, along with doing activity related to the concept. Additionally NMMS has been started under the Karka Kasadra initiative. The central government scholarship National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme is an examination for the 8th grade students, where with the accomplishment of the exam the students will receive incentive till they complete higher secondary. 

With the aim of providing quality education for all, with the intention to improve young lives, we are considering the honor of investing into the lives of our children.

If you desire to do something for their well-being by involving with us, reach out to us and write to us in–

Change Moments Captured

Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel

Thuvakkam Team

“The seed of 75 days of continuous volunteering campaign was seeded in one of our casual conversations. But today we have reached a place with successfully completing it. I would like to thank the coordinator, planner and all those who worked from the backend, because of whom this campaign was successful. 75 Days of Change has given us a lot of new opportunities in expanding our scope of work with various entities.

~ Aritharan

Jeba Rupavathi A

“I am glad that Jeba received the employee of the month for November 2022. Appreciating her work in social media handling and in having relationships with our partners in regards to giving updates through reports and photographs.”


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November 2022

Change Crusader

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

Coordinator of the Month

November 2022

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