karka kasadara


Holistic Education for the future generation to pave their way towards gaining  knowledge of the world and transforming into something better.


The current curriculum, followed by schools, lacks a practical relation to the world’s current technologies and happenings. This initiative strives to balance out the theoretical knowledge with the practical requirements of life.


In this project, the kids are taught using practical methodologies. Unconventional topics relating to society’s political, scientific, and social aspects such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Soil, Plants, and Food,’ ‘Good touch, bad touch,’ and ‘Learn politics’ are taught to kids to expose them to societal happenings and their part in the world as a whole. 


By doing so, the kids start developing societal awareness that instills morality in them at a young age by learning to act rather than react to the things happening around them. It helps them find self-purpose and teaches them a way to connect with their community.