The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are set forth to create a peaceful and prosperous planet for the people, now and into the future. The second goal is “Zero Hunger”, which aims to achieve zero hunger by 2030 for all the people in the world, fulfilling their basic need for food and nutrition. According to the Global Hunger Index 2021,India ranks 101st of 116 countries, with a score of 27.5, with malnutrition and hunger impacting children and adults all over the country. With the help of volunteers and donors such as yourself, Thuvakkam will help feed the people and lift them up from this issue.

What We Do?

Through the zero hunger drive, you can sponsor the food that we arrange and distribute to the needy people,who live on the streets. Thuvakkam has distributed food packets, refreshments and non-perishable food items during the pandemic lockdowns and disaster relief efforts. With Zero Hunger Drive, we now distribute it on a regular basis, contributing our part in attaining the sustainable development goals. You can be a part of this cause by funding for the meals to be distributed to the people. You will receive updates about the distributed meals and the people who have benefitted from your donation.

Objectives and goal

  • Prepare/Procure food for distribution 
  • Provide meals for the people 
  • Satiate the hunger of children and the homeless
  • Participate in the UN SDG

Benefits for Donors

  • The meals will be distributed on your behalf
  • Children and the homeless will be provided with food 
  • Your contribution will help a person to satisfy their hunger.
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