Give a Tree


Due to a lack of green cover, there are huge climatic changes, environmental issues ranging from carbon dioxide emission, soil erosion, habitat destruction, and loss of biological diversity.


Many people living in the city and crowded places found it difficult to plant and take care of trees due to lack of space near them. To tackle this issue, Thuvakkam started, “Give a Tree.”


In this project, under the person’s name, a plant shall be planted and nurtured at a place. The location of the plant and their picture will also be shared with the person. During the plantation, the person will also be invited if they are living in proximity to the location. Post the plantation; the Thuvakkam team will maintain the sapling for one year till the plant becomes self-sustained.


The benefits of tree planting are not just for nature; they are also a vital source of income for poor communities. By planting saplings, one can increase the air purity, improve soil texture, and increase biodiversity. Through this project, Thuvakkam wishes to create a sustainable increase in the green cover.