Corporate Social Responsibility

Thuvakkam’s social welfare activities extends to  the domains Environment, Education and Humanity. The activities are carried on with on field knowledge from subject matter experts to attain our goal in a sustainable way.

Thuvakkam undertakes social welfare activities under the domains of Environment, Education and Humanity by partnering with Corporates under Corporate Social Responsibility as U/S 135 of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2014. By exploring and establishing relationships with Corporates, Thuvakkam aims to make use of the funds in the most optimum way in such that it balances our mission along with Company’s CSR objectives.In addition to implementation Thuvakkam also undertakes maintenance of all collaborative efforts for a period applicable to each project.  In the meantime Thuvakkam would apprise existing partners on the quarterly,half-yearly,and yearly reports on the extent and impact of sustainable development in it’s projects.the financials and annual reports  of the organization are available on the site.

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Employee Engagement

In addition to corporate partnering Thuvakkam also undertakes employee engagement for partnership  in all the three domains. Wherein employees can partner with Thuvakkam in one of the three domains and Thuvakkam would take care of the implementation of the social welfare project.In addition to which Thuvakkam would also involve employee partners in collaborative efforts aimed towards social change by providing them with periodic updates on the sustainable impact of the forests

Partner with Thuvakkam

Organizations wishing to work with Thuvakkam aligning with their CSR goals can always partner with Thuvakkam. Apart from being an implementation partner individuals can benefit from Thuvakkam by getting 50% tax exemption on their donations.Thuvakkam would like to ensure that your collaborative efforts would definitely pave a way for oneself and others in taking a step towards change. Thuvakkam would let individuals contributing towards change know how their efforts had impacted people in a sustainable way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a legislative enactment under the Companies (Amendment Act),2014 wherein every corporate company that satisfies the criteria as mentioned U/S 135 of the same act, Are supposed to take up social welfare activities for the betterment of the society. The subject and implementation mechanism of CSR activities will change according to the rules set forth by the Union Government and the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

Thuvakkam Welfare Association is an Non-Governmental Organization registered U/S 10 of the TamilNadu Societies Registration Act, 1975. The Organization is empowered to undertake CSR activities with authorisation from the Ministry Corporate Affairs. Apart from this Thuvakkam is empowered to give 80G receipts and has 12A registration as under Income Tax Act,1961. 

Thuvakkam is a GuideStar India certified NGO. We’re delighted to be endorsed and listed as one of India’s most reliable NGOs. Thuvakkam has always stood its ground on transparency and accountability, and now to be known for it is truly encouraging.

Thuvakkam possesses 80G and Form 12A as per the Income Tax Act, which makes donations made to the organization up 50% tax exempt. Thuvakkam’s accounts are independently audited every year by Anand Radhika & Associates

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