Thuvakkam’s Urban Forest Tree Registry

In the concrete jungle that has become the cityscape, Thuvakkam’s Urban Forestry aims to inject a bit of greenery into the ecosystem. Following the methodologies of the Miyawaki Method, Thuvakkam planted the first sapling the first Urban forest in 2018. This was the beginning of the forestry project, which has grown to over 32 forests all over Tamilnadu. Thuvakkam takes care of the forests for a period of 2 years after the plantation, ensuring survivability of the saplings. In this period, Thuvakkam engages volunteers in frequent maintenance activities, which include deweeding, spraying of panchakavya, and the replacement of any lost sapling.

Through the Miyawaki technique, it is possible to create 30 times denser forests in small spaces, with 10 times faster growth rate. Thuvakkam has adapted this technique to work in the Indian ecosystem, choosing indigenous species that are suited for the local weather conditions.

Thuvakkam plants over 50 species of plants, categorized by height. Following are some of the species you can find in our Urban forests.