Miyawaki Urban forestry


Rising population and urbanization has led to the creation of vast concrete jungles. With the felling of forests, the environment has reached a critical state like never seen before, causing a rise in global temperature and climate change.


This vast reduction in green cover has decreased the water table levels, reduced biodiversity, and even lowered the quality of the air we breathe daily. This project works to bring back the green cover in cities by creating miniature urban forests in between the concrete jungles.


Using the “Miyawaki” method of afforestation, one can create a miniature forest in a specific area. This is a project done to implement an organic, faster growth of a native forest in a locality.  The saplings are planted in a small cluster using the Miyawaki technique. This increases the growth rate by approximately 10%.


Once the plantation is done seamlessly, methodologically, and regularly maintained for some time, it can be seen that the forest growth is 10x times faster and 30x times denser. It also increases the biodiversity of the locality while producing fresh, clean oxygen in the process.