Bettering the World one step at a time.  ORGANIZATION + INTERNS = ❤︎ 

All you just need is:

  • Interest to put your skills to use for the greater good 
  • Desire to make a better change
  • Minimum 60 hours commitment

Interning at Thuvakkam is an ideal start if you want to become the change that you wish to see around you. Bettering the world starts from bettering ourselves and becoming socially aware. Interning at Thuvakkam is taking the first step towards creating a sustainable change in self and in society towards the right direction. At Thuvakkam, we found young minds when given the world’s greatest problem bring out creative solutions that benefit the world and greater good. Hence, we offer internships all throughout the year.


So many ways to intern

  • Administrative and Management internship
  • Marketing and Digital media internship
  • Social media and Journalism internship
  • Finance and Accounting internship
  • People relationship and Engagement internship
  • Social work and On-field internship

In case of any queries regarding existing and other internship opportunities and their availability, reach out to us in mail at “” with subject as “Thuvakkam Internship_[Name]_[College Name]”