Psychologically, human brains are more sensitive to negative information than positive information. As a result, most of the news and broadcast media concentrate on the negativities present around the world.


People around the world have got accustomed to these types of news and tend to overlook positive things happening around them. They look at the problems but not the solution. They might recognize a social issue but not its facts


Kural was started to give a voice to the positivity found in the world by using positive and constructive journalism. The team focuses on positive psychology to recognize and tell the actual facts on social issues, incidents, and news happening around the world using social media platforms. In addition, Kural also organizes activities like book reading, movie screening, and conferences to discuss and spread awareness on social issues.


By this, a person is able to look at the complex structure of the social issues they are dealing with on a daily basis using facts and from different perspectives. It helps them to analyze an occurance and empower them to be part of a solution.