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Newsletter Edition: Vol 4. Issue 04 – April 2023

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There is nothing better than work along with like minded people. Thuvakkam’s continued efforts towards change can be credited to the involvement of diverse populace, including partners, government officials, volunteers, employees and members. The inputs from each of them has been witnessed throughout the impact created in the financial year 2022-2023.

Joining about 30+ partners and 15+ new partners, many trees were planted, maintained, seeding towards creating environmental impact. The conscious effort of investing in the lives of the young students have been successfully done for a year, with more educational projects initiated for this year.   

Join us to do more and let us become the change!

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Empowering women- for a better tomorrow!

The desire to be the change sprouts from the valour to take up all the measures to bring that change. The desire, strength and valour of every wonder woman brings in Change and better the society for generations to come. Thuvakkam is delighted to have journeyed and continue to journey with powerful women who desire to be the change. This International Women’s Day, Thuvakkam and Dreams Alive (NGO) joined hands in financially supporting 9 students.
The ideal of creating a better future is to have our children being empowered with knowledge. The same is achieved only by our collaborative initiative of extending financial support to continue on their education. Educating young girls is crucial in transforming families and society at large. This Women’s day, the wings of our young girls were strengthened and covered with valour for them to face their desires and take courageous step to #Work towards it and achieve it. 

Let our contribution towards girl child education become the stepping stone for their education–

Change Happenings

S. NoEvent TypeEvent NameEvent LocationEvent Date
1Creative Art WorkCreative Art WorkMPP School4-Mar-2023
2Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school7-Mar-2023
3Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraGovernment ADW Primary School8-Mar-2023
4NGO ActivitesWomen's Day Celebration & Sponsor for SuccessThuvakkam Office8-Mar-2023
5Creative Art WorkCreative Art WorkArima Ambattur Lions Club School9-Mar-2023
6Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school10-Mar-2023
7Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school10-Mar-2023
8Tree MaintenanceTree CareTNHB, Chennaiyil vanam11-Mar-2023
9Tree MaintenanceTree CarePuzhal Lake11-Mar-2023
10Zero Hunger DriveZero Hunger DriveMurugan Temple11-Mar-2023
11Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school14-Mar-2023
12Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraGovernment ADW Primary School15-Mar-2023
13Creative Art WorkCreative Art WorkDr. M.G.R Cantonment Primary school15-Mar-2023
14Tree MaintenanceTree CareKasturba nagar17-Mar-2023
15Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school17-Mar-2023
16Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school17-Mar-2023
17Solid Waste ManagementBest out of wasteMS Teams17-Mar-2023
18Pond CreationPond Creation & Native Tree PlantationPandeshwaram pond18-Mar-2023
19Urban ForestryTree PlantationShri Nageshwara Park,Metro Grand City Extension19-Mar-2023
20Knowledge Sharing / TrainingSparrow DayAvvai middle school20-Mar-2023
21Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school21-Mar-2023
22Urban ForestryTree PlantationIndra nagar22-Mar-2023
23Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school24-Mar-2023
24Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school24-Mar-2023
25Creative Art WorkCreative Art WorkDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school26-Mar-2023
26Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school28-Mar-2023
27Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraGovernment ADW Primary School29-Mar-2023
28Solid Waste ManagementStreet PlayValluvar Middle School30-Mar-2023
29Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school31-Mar-2023
30Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraDr. M.G.R Cantonment high school31-Mar-2023
31Urban ForestryUrban Forestry PlantationPaiyanoor31-Mar-2023

Change Created – March 2023


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Spotlight of the Month

Creation of Pond, for a sustainable future!

Thuvakkam’s “Blue Zone” project adheres to the UN SDG Goal 6 of “Clean Water and Sanitation”. Data shows that Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population and is projected to rise. Over 1.7 billion people are currently living in river basins where water use exceeds recharge. The “Blue zone” project is a means to alleviate this issue, providing sustainable alternatives i.e., freshwater availability for the public.

Thuvakkam organised a plantation event on 18th March, 2023 at the Pond created at Pandeshwaram with the support of Light and Wonder (SG Cares). The event was graced by the Panchayat President Mrs. Rekha Ramu, who herself is involved in conservation and propagation of paddy varieties in India. She highlighted the efforts that went into creating the pond, and the lasting impact it will have in the community and area where people are predominantly engaged in farming. She planted the first sapling along with Mr. Velraj, following which the ‘Game Changers’ took to planting the 50+ native tree species around the perimeter of the pond. Then the water that was collected in the pond from the water table was used to water them. The “Blue Zone” project by Thuvakkam aims to create/restore water bodies that will help communities and take action for environmental conservation of the precious resource.

Change Moments Captured

Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel

Thuvakkam Team

I want to take this opportunity to thank each department of Thuvakkam for their excellent work in the FY 22-23.  All your dedication and flexibility have been crucial to our success. I am proud to be part of such a fantastic team, and I feel privileged to work with such talented and dedicated individuals. Let’s continue to work together and strive for even greater success in the future.  Thank you all once again for your hard work and commitment.

~Krishna Kumar

Alice Freeda

“The organization has grown to include over 40 people and ensuring policies are in place and  their needs are met without compromising the Organization is no meagre task. Thanks to Alice who performed her tasks amicably as the HR Generalist for Thuvakkam in the past few months.

~ Thuvakkam Team

Change Activist

Bharathi Raja

Bharathi Raja

Volunteer of the Month

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March 2023

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