Treecember Campaign

The Climate Crisis is at its peak and we, as individuals and institutions are accountable in taking various steps to counter it. Though there is a need and we are responsible, the lack of opportunities led to neglecting the issue. So, here is a way you as a company/individual can have your role actively played. TREECEMBER is an initiative in which you can be a part of the change rather than to be a part of the problem.

Treecember is a plantation sponsorship initiative by Thuvakkam through which a medium is provided a chance to make our world a better place by planting & nurturing a tree. The initiative is completely funded where the funding is collected and a plantation drive is organized. Through the Treecember initiative, Thuvakkam is collecting donations/funds to plant trees. The planted trees are maintained for 2 years until they become self-sustainable. We are providing opportunities to the community to plant trees and witness their growth over time.

What We Do?

Through the campaign, you can sponsor the planting and care of a plant sapling. The Miyawaki afforestation that Thuvakkam undertakes ensures urban forests are created and cared for, creating oxygen pockets and bio diversity habitats within the city. You can be a part of this cause by funding any number of plants of your choice. 

For every sapling planted, Thuvakkam will ensure care for a period of 2 years. By which point it will become self-sustainable, and continue to provide for generations to come. You can join with Thuvakkam and further this cause of creating a healthy environment that fosters a better society.

Objectives and goal

  • Increase Green Cover
  • Increase Individual participation for
  • sustainable development
  • Increase soil fertility
  • Increase the level of oxygen in air

How much am I supposed to contribute?

A minimum amount of Rs.333 to be contributed towards plantation and maintenance of trees. Any amount above the requisite amount can also be contributed from your side.

All the donations will be given acknowledgement 80G receipt for which the contributor can apply for their tax exemption.

Benefits for tree donor

  • A tree will be planted and maintained on your behalf.
  • Certificate will be provided for the donors with the Geotag of the tree planted by you.
  • Donors can be part of the plantation and continuous maintenance activities for the next two years.
  • An exclusive informative field session on plant varieties and its benefits will be conducted.
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