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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 10 – October 2022

Hey there!

Glad you could make it! The month of September leaves us with good memories of a progressive journeying in the ‘75 days of change’ volunteering campaign. With initiating 75 days of change on August 26, 2022 at our Perambur Urban Forest, we have successfully completed half a distance of the volunteering campaign, with the constant support of our volunteers, partners and especially Thuvakkam team. The never changing transformation continues on in our organization and we, as a team, are ever grateful to have you all travel alongside us. With all such great beginnings this September, seeds of change were sown, acts of kindness were extended and shoots of ideas were planted, looking forward to reap a harvest of impact.

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A step at a time- Let’s journey together!

‘75 Days of Change’, a volunteering campaign has been initiated in par with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, which is a journey to create as much of a better change and impact as possible. Each of our events is a thread coloured with dyes The mix of threads woven to a multifarious coloured single piece of tapestry. Our tapestry in the loom, signifies the arduous journey we as a volunteer team has taken up and is striving towards a successful fulfillment. This September witnessed a collective of events where a number of volunteers enthusiastically participated. Events like Zero hunger drive reminded us of what we often forget to do to our needy members of the society. The ever grateful opportunity along with our generous volunteers enabled us to serve the people. Needless to mention the activities engaging our young students, we had conducted a Memory session with 9th and 10th graders of MGR Cantonment school, St. Thomas Mt. Reminiscences of teachings from our various speakers in events including ‘Self care amidst social work’, ‘Warrior’s Yoga’, ‘Rain water harvesting session’, switching to renewable energy’ and others, will remain as a learning. 

The major part of our serving was towards the environment in various Plantation and maintenance drives, with various partners including TATA Communications, Saint. Gobain, HCL Foundation, BNY Mellon and others. As a team we are glad to have joined hands with MCRennette as our refreshment partner.

With the delight of having involved students, corporate employees and our volunteers in this change journey we are energized to create a much more significant impact.

Change Happenings

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Change Created – September 2022


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Spotlight of the Month

Urban Forest’s Birthday Celebration

A volunteering campaign for 75 continuous days titled ‘75 Days of Change’ began on 26, Aug 2022. Beginning the journey holds significance only with its progressive journeying path and successful completion. Dignitaries, who have played various roles in this journey are notable, as they motivate us, push us and even point out our uniqueness with a tinge of corrections. One such humbling but honorable chief guest we had this month was Hon. Dr. Thamizhachi Thangapandiyan MP Chennai (South). She honored the 1st Birthday of Buckingham canal urban forest, with her gracious presence and knowledge filled advice. She appreciated the CSR efforts HCL Foundation took in focusing on environmental sustainable projects. She extended her heartfelt appreciation towards the young Thuvakkam team towards the endeavors taken up by the team. It was a time well spent to hear knowledgeable inputs from Dr. Thangapandiyan. Of all what she had uttered with passion and love towards the environment, the quote from vangari Mathai, as a beautifully sculpted piece of art. 

The arduous journey had been started and progressively journeyed till now. Let us actively participate in all the upcoming events and make this journey witness a successful completion.

Change Moments Captured

Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel

Thuvakkam team

“Thanking each and every one of those who have extended their help in filing documents for the Financial Audit work.”

~Karthik D

Abhirami Arunachalam

“Thank you for your impeccable finance work and insightful feedback and support in Thuvakkam, which has helped the organization grow. Wishing you the best for your future.”

~Thuvakkam Team

Aritharan Kubendran

“Extending my gratitude in giving your insights about intricate details in conducting Karka Kasadara sessions.

~Majitha Begum

Karthik D

“You have helped Thuvakkam draft and maintain its standards and policies to ensure a good and healthy work environment. Wishing you the best for your future ventures.

~Thuvakkam Team

Change Activist

Priya Varshini

Priya Varshini

Volunteer of the Month

September 2022

Change Crusader

Aritharan Kubendran

Aritharan Kubendran

Coordinator of the Month

September 2022

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