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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 11 – November 2022


Glad you could make it! The month of October leaves us with a great time of learning along our journey with volunteers, who motivate us to go an extra mile and do more. Surely the delight of the success of ‘75 days of change’ is to be credited to our volunteers and the team that tirelessly works behind the veil. The addition of new members in the Thuvakkam team is encouraging as the success of new buds blooming is seeded with much hope. We believe you had a great time doing good this October, we are ever delighted as a team to grab opportunities in doing good and to act for the one degree of change required. With all such learnings and memories we travel with the hope to plant more, teach and train more, work more and above all serve more, that we will become the change we want in our world to be.

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 Celebrating the journey- together we rise!

The idea of conducting 75 days of continuous volunteering seemed to be a huge task and posted a lot of questions for us. The unimaginable task could not thwart our will to accomplish it. The journey needed a lot of effort and planning, but the ultimate success was with the volunteers engaging and having their constant role played in this journey. Which led to the  undoubted success of the campaign.

The journey itself is to be celebrated, as this shows unity and togetherness with persistent efforts. The celebration of the 50 days completion of ‘75 days of change’ was a delightful occasion with our advisor and mentor Mr. Bharathi Tamizhan, who gave us encouragement and words of advice on how to aim for more and achieve it. Our team believes that ‘Together we rise’. It is in the highs and lows and through the thick and thin, we rise together. He advised the team to engage the current generation, who are the strength of our nation. The celebration is one of the milestones for a greater achievement. 

‘Together we rise, Join us, let us volunteer more’ 

Change Happenings

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Change Created – October 2022


Total no of lives Impacted


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Total number of events  


Total no of lives benefitted


Total No of volunteers


Total no of events in Environment


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Total sq.ft. of walls revamped


Total no of events in Education


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Total no of hours of events


Total no of events in Humanity

Spotlight of the Month

Clean my Marina- a new venture

The organization’s scope of work increases as the need for improvement necessitates. We, as an organization, do not curb our scope of work areas. But, we understand the need and try to fit our human resource, framework of working, even the expansion of the vision. For, at the end, it is at the betterment of the environment that the efforts should be laid. This is the brief introduction to the ‘Clean my Marina’. Marina defining the ocean, we try to work towards cleaning the sea shores.
The partnership with Kyndryl marks the first ‘Clean my Marina’ project we have successfully done. 100+ volunteers gathered in the pursuit of cleaning Besant nagar beach shore. The garbage was segregated as biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The waste collected was given away to the solid waste management handlers of the Greater Chennai corporation. The main aim was not to merely clean the shore but in fact to create an awareness implying cleanliness is an individual’s responsibility, as a fundamental duty of every citizen.

In all of the current endeavors Thuvakkam is working on and in all yet to come, we remain constant in this to, “Be the change we wish to see.”

Change Moments Captured

Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel

Alice Freeda

“Thank you for organizing a marvelous celebration for Deepavali for all of us at Thuvakkam.

~The Directors

Thuvakkam team

I would like to thank Thuvakkam team for the work towards Environment and ecosystem. Happy to be a part of Thuvakkam team for creating a better society


Christopher A

“Thank you for leading and guiding us through your valuable skills. Your inputs in the external relations team was instrumental for us to learn. Thanking and wishing the best for your best endeavors.”

~Monica & Jeba Rupavathi

Change Activist



Volunteer of the Month

October 2022

Change Crusader

Majitha Rasheed

Majitha Rasheed

Coordinator of the Month

October 2022

Social Media Change Impacts

Thuvakkam’s Solar Streetlights Project