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Newsletter Edition: Vol 4. Issue 03 – March 2023

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February was a great month for Thuvakkam as varied interactions were made possible. Events were conducted under the Environment and Education domains. Thuvakkam, steadily being inclusive in its approach, a variety of events are initiated for better learning of the community. The joy of investing in young minds’ lives was achieved, as 8th graders were prepared and appeared for the NMMS examination, along with a field trip to DakshinaChitra. The new creative art venture conducted at Hyderabad, with other creative art events, opened new opportunities for volunteers in creating their impact. A celebratory “Connect with Nature” event was also held at the Buckingham Canal forest for the MCCI CSR Award 2022 bestowed upon it by the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

This February, seeds of change were sown, thoughts of awareness were shared, shoots of ideas were planted.

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The Joyful Celebration of 2 Acres Urban Forest at Perambur

 “The urban forest of size 2 Acres, housing 15,000 indigenous plants has completed 1 year since inception. Thuvakkam joined hands with AstraZeneca, the CSR partner, and the Greater Chennai Corporation, the Administrative partner, in creating the forest at Perambur, behind Vyasarpadi Jeeva station. Marking the completion of a year’s growth of the forest, a celebration was hosted on 25, February 2023, with Dr. B.C. Archana Kalyani IFS, CF (CDM) & PD (TCPL), TBGP, Chennai, who graced the celebration as the chief guest.

Dr. B.C. Archana Kalyani IFS, reiterated in her address to the crowd, ‘To leave a better society to our children’. She also shared the benefit of planting trees, all of its advantages towards soil enrichment and biodiversity enrichment. Planting an indigenous plant sapling, Dr. Archana IFS marked her support towards the conservation and care of the environment. The celebration of the urban forest was completed with the ceremonial watermelon cutting. Children of volunteers gathered around to cut the watermelon, marking the 1st year completion of the forest. The volunteers were also engaged in maintenance activities, where children and parents, with other volunteers, de-weeded the forest and added manure to the trees.

The joyful celebration marked its conclusion with a strong reminder of environmental protection and restoration. In view of sustainability, Thuvakkam will maintain the forest for one more year.

Change Happenings

S. NoEvent TypeEvent NameEvent LocationEvent Date
1Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam2-Feb-2023
2Read & RevealRead & Reveal with Dr. MasilamaniChennai2-Feb-2023
3Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam3-Feb-2023
4Urban ForestryPlantationKundrathur4-Feb-2023
5Creative Art WorkCreative Art WorkKondapur, Hyderabad4-Feb-2023
6Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraValasaravakkam8-Feb-2023
7Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam9-Feb-2023
8Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam10-Feb-2023
9Seed Ball / Green bottlesSeed Ball DisbursalAnagaputhur11-Feb-2023
10Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam13-Feb-2023
11Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam14-Feb-2023
12Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam15-Feb-2023
13Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam16-Feb-2023
14Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam17-Feb-2023
15Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraNandambakkam17-Feb-2023
16Kitchen/Herbal GardeningKitchen GardeningKaraima nagar18-Feb-2023
17Urban ForestryCelebrating ForestBuckingham canal18-Feb-2023
18Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam20-Feb-2023
19Knowledge Sharing / TrainingLibrary InaugurationValasaravakkam22-Feb-2023
20Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraValasaravakkam22-Feb-2023
21Seminars / WorkshopsBest out of wasteThuvakkam Office22-Feb-2023
22Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam23-Feb-2023
23Karka KasadaraField Trip for StudentsMuttukadu23-Feb-2023
24Karka KasadaraNMMS SessionNandambakkam24-Feb-2023
25Karka KasadaraKarka KasadaraNandambakkam24-Feb-2023
26Tree MaintenanceUrban Forestry Birthday CelebrationPerambur25-Feb-23
27Karka KasadaraNMMS ExamAlandur25-Feb-23
28Creative Art WorkCreative Art WorkThiruvotriyur25-Feb-23
29Tree MaintenanceTree CareKundrathur25-Feb-23
30Seminars / WorkshopsConnect with NatureBuckingham canal25-Feb-23

Change Created – February 2023


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Spotlight of the Month

A CSR initiative focusing on transformation of schools at Hyderabad

Art is one of the best ways to transform and uplift a place. Thuvakkam, a NGO, collaborated with its CSR partner Aspire Systems and Zilla Parishad High School, Kondapur. The collaboration resulted in a creative art event, held at ZPHS, Kondapur, Serilingampally, Hyderabad. The 7 hours long event was successfully concluded with 40+ volunteers and school children, who delightfully engaged in the transformation of the High school. The event was a success because of the thorough support of  the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Anantha Reddy.

The weekend event had participation from students, volunteers, artists, Aspire Systems and Thuvakkam teams. The theme of artwork included conservation of Environment, message of equality, women & education empowerment and moral values.

The dull walls of the school now carry creative art portraying women empowerment, education empowerment, moral values and gender equality. The active participation of the students revealed the interest they have in bettering their school.

Change Moments Captured

Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel


“Thank you for helping in creating the presentation for the state wide seminar of DRBCCCC Hindu college, on “Employability skills in post covid era: issues and challenges”. It was an honour representing Thuvakkam at the esteemed college’s event.”

~Syed Sirajudeen


“I want to express my gratitude to Miss. Sarumathi for her contribution, commitment, and tremendous efforts in preparing students for NMMS examination amid her academic work.

~ Majitha

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February 2023

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Kodama Durga Prasad

Kodama Durga Prasad

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February 2023