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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 03 – March 2022

Dear Readers,

Happy to bring you all Thuvakkam’s March  Newsletter.

Mindfulness is an important aspect of our life. The coordination between our senses,thoughts and feelings is directly proportional to the output we are able to achieve as a part of our activities. To add on to it, it isn’t  limited to the individual and extends to everyone around us.

In the month of February, Thuvakkam planned and conducted 15 events out of which 9 events were conducted in the offline mode and rest, virtually.

Thuvakkam contributed significantly in the month of February by working in the domains of environment,education, and humanity. Plantation and maintenance activities were carried out in all our project sites. Karka Kasadara session began anew at MGR Nagar Government Higher Secondary. Thuvakkam had also created environment awareness paintings in the school. In the process we have touched over 6,000 lives, impacting more than 16,000 lives.

As the spotlight of the month Thuvakkam in collaboration with HCL created a Green School at government Higher Secondary School, MGR Nagar on 2nd and 3rd of February 2022. Green School is a combination of Kitchen Gardening and Clean and Colour. The event benefited 5,000 people sustainably impacting the lives of 10,000 people.

In order to bring a collective social change it is important to identify the internal and external conflicts we face as an individual. Thereby letting us attain a level of self sufficiency wherein the actualisation we process within ourselves kinders our spirits to go on a quest to fulfill the unfulfilled void of those around us.

Together let us be mindful,strive to attain a level of self sufficiency wherein division creates a space for coexistence without making us fall for differences.


Thuvakkam Team

Change Happenings

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Change Created – February 2022


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Spotlight of the Month

 Greener Schools for Greener Future

Thuvakkam and HCL Foundation collaborated together to raise awareness on medicinal plants and the importance of gardening at the 12th such Green School at MGR Nagar Government Higher Secondary School. A Green School is a combination of Creative Artwork and Nutrition Garden events undertaken by Thuvakkam. As a part of the nutrition garden, Thuvakkam planted 50+ saplings of 15 species in an area of 300 sq. Ft. The event was conducted on 2nd and 3rd February 2022 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Thuvakkam employees, school children, management and HCL Foundation representatives, Aishwarya Balasubramanian and Jain Vinith Velusamy participated in it.

 Green School was begun with a view to improve and create a clean, beautiful, and creative community, thereby, bettering the environment as a whole. Nutrition Garden will house both medicinal and nutritional plants which can be used for students’ mid-day meal scheme.

The event saw the enthusiastic involvement of the general public who were eager to know about the artworks. Members from Thuvakkam explained about the artworks to the public . Thuvakkam decided to create environment themed  paintings to create social awareness among the students and the people.

Change Moments Captured

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Wall of Praise

Appreciation can make a day even change your life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary”

                                                                                                                    ~ Margaret Cousins

Karthik Shivaa

Thank you for your inciting inputs on helping to create a professional quarterly,half yearly and annual impact report and helping in the smooth functioning of external relations.

~Vidyuth and Christopher

Admin and Finance Team

Congratulations! On your work for completing the auditing work in time.

~Krishna Kumar Suresh

Caretaker - Permual

Perumal’s persistent and continuous support in plantation activities helped eased down the workload of the operations department

~Aritharan, Sirajudeen

Volunteers - Jeba Rupavathi and Priyavarshini

Your enthusiastic involvement in volunteering for Karka Kasadara sessions helped the classes function smoothly. Kudos! for your volunteering effort.


Hariharan Palani

Well done on getting the newsletter web design on time in a creative manner.

~Karthik Shivaa


Thank you for coming up with a structural process for financial works that has helped things run smoothly.

~Karthik D, Abhirami

Change Activist

Priya Varshini

Priya Varshini

Volunteer of the Month

February 2022

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Coordinator of the Month

February 2022

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