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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 07 – July 2022


Welcome to Thuvakkam’s June Newsletter. This was an exciting month, filled with events related to the Environment as a part of Thuvakkam’s Eco Week Celebration. There was also an amazing Meet & Greet organized for the Green Partners of Thuvakkam at the new office premises. In addition to these, there were other events, such as plantations, plant care activities, virtual awareness sessions on Solar Energy, Green Home Audit, and much more. This June, seeds of change were sown, acts of awareness were performed, shoots of ideas were planted.

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Green Partners Meet

The highlight of Thuvakkam’s June month of Eco Week Celebration was the Meet & Greet event with Green Partners. Thuvakkam has implemented numerous Environment initiatives meeting UN SDGs hand in hand with Organizations and Companies. Urban Forests, Metro Green Zone, Nutrition Gardens, Clean & Color artworks, Awareness drives, Native Tree Plantation are but few of the environment activities that Thuvakkam has carried out. The Green Partners who made such events possible came together at the Thuvakkam office, where they were felicitated for their support. The event was presided by the Chief Guest Mr. CK Kumar and the Commissioner of Kundrathur Mr. Dhamodharan. Partners from L&T, First Source, AstraZeneca, Art of Living, Nippon Koei India pvt. ltd, Waycool and others graced the event with their presence. This is a moment that will pave the way for more change activities that will better the society.

Change Happenings

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Change Created – June 2022


Environmental Change Events


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Spotlight of the Month

Thuvakkam’s Eco Week Celebration

Thuvakkam celebrates the Eco Week in the first week of June, to celebrate the World Environment Day (WED – Jun. 5th). As a part of the Eco Week, events and activities are organized to promote environment conservation and to raise awareness on sustainability. This year’s theme for WED is “Only One Earth”, and Thuvakkam organized events, both online and in-person. School children were taken on a field trip to the Adyar Eco Park,  Urban Forestry plantation and maintenance activities were held with volunteers, A mime was performed on the streets of Kundrathur, and a Nursery was set up at Irungattukottai. Online, Thuvakkam conducted sessions on Eco Home Audit, Green energy, and took participants on an Eco Tour to exotic places. 

Eco Week is celebrated to raise awareness on the importance of appreciating and preserving our one planet Earth for the future generations. Let us unite for this cause!

Change Moments Captured

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Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude.Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness.Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel

Parthiban M

Thanks for organizing successive successful events for the Eco Week

~Karthik Shivaa

Green Partners

Thank you for visiting the Thuvakkam Office for the Meet & Greet. It is a great show of support for the cause of greenifying the planet.

~Christopher A

Change Activist

Uday Kumar

Uday Kumar

Volunteer of the Month

June 2022

Change Crusader

Parthiban M

Parthiban M

Coordinator of the Month

June 2022

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