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Newsletter Edition: Vol 4. Issue 01 – January 2023


A journey ending only opens gates wide to new beginnings. Each of the beginning echoes the opportunity to do better and better. Carrying tonnes of learnings and memories with our wonderful partners, volunteers and team mates, we are entering the new month and year with lots of hope to achieve more and serve more. Keep in touch with us, for exciting events and activities are coming up, which will help you engage more with our environment, which will help you impact the lives of the young and partner in the global goal of serving humanity.

We are grateful to journey along with you, yet more to come, let us rise together as the change.

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Thuvakkam’s #Rewind 2022

Thuvakkam, being a budding and blooming organization, had a great year of learnings with practical exposure to new areas of venture. With many partnerships and collaborations, we had our learnings grow this year. We are grateful to enter the year 2023 with all of our volunteers, partners and employees, as they all had been the reason behind witnessing a successful year. We all have together accomplished creating about 2,01,800 sq. ft. green cover with planting 47,300+ native species. About 6,400+ volunteers were involved for 14,200+ volunteering hours. We are glad to have created a platform for our change-makers to be able to serve.

There had been new partners’ collaborations, new volunteers joining hands with us in the change journey, new members joining the team, a shift to new office space, with a lot of new forests created, many students taught and hungry humans fed, all of these would not have been made possible without your contribution towards goodness and serving.

Let us gear up for the new year 2023 and try to do the maximum of what we can for the welfare of our society.

Change Happenings

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Change Created – November 2022


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Spotlight of the Month

Creation of first ever large scale community urban forest at Kundrathur

Thuvakkam has helped greening Kundrathur, by creating the first ever large scale community for 1.5 Acres, the plantation for seeding the huge forest was held with 80+ volunteers on 17, December 2022. 

HCL Foundation, giving much significance to greenery initiatives, under its HCL Harit program, collaborated with us in creating the first ever large scale community urban forest at Kundrathur. The CSR initiative has focused on planting 14,000 native species plants, suitable for our soil. The Administrative partner, Kundrathur Municipality, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, has also been a sheer support in the collaboration.

The plantation event was graced by Mr. Dhamodharan, Commissioner, Kundrathur Municipality, Mr. Sathya Moorthy, Chairman, Kundrathur Municipality, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Neethi Rajan, The President, Metro Grand City Residential Welfare (MGCRWA) Association members, HCL Foundation team and Thuvakkam team. The event witnessed more than 80 volunteers, with HCL volunteers, scouts and guides students and MGCRWA members. The volunteers, from kids to adults, enjoyed the plantation activity and planted more than 1000 saplings. The 2 hours event was a blend of knowledge sharing sessions with practically understanding the trees to delightfully involve in the planting activity. 

The urban forest created at Patel park, Kundrathur had sustainable planning, which includes using the method of creating urban forest, which will also include sustainable infrastructure to have much community engagement. As ponds are crucial for the betterment of biodiversity, a pond has been created inside the forest. Besides the 14,000 native plants the forest will also have an herbal garden set, with pathways and direction boards guiding to every part of the forest. Of the many forests created by Thuvakkam NGO in partnership with HCL Foundation and Kundrathur Municipality, Govt. of India, this one stands significant as many sustainable features have been included for enabling the public to better engage with the environment.

Stay tuned and join us in various activities planned in the forest.

Change Moments Captured

Wall of Praise

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts”

                                                                                                                    ~ Henri Fredric Amiel

Majitha Begum

“Thanks Majitha for your support to complete the Hyundai Glovis tools concerns.”

~Syed Sirajudeen

Alice Freeda

“The Admin team has helped spread the spirit of joy during the office’s Christmas & New Year celebration. Thank you for an unforgettable day of getting to know each other, and an evening of great memories.”

~Karthik Shivaa


“I’d extend my heartfelt appreciation for all the hard work you did in the creation of our patel park urban forest. It had been great conversations I had with you. I am hopeful to learn more from you. Thanks for it all!

~ Jeba Rupavathi A

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