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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 01 – January 2022 

Dear readers,

Wishing you all a happy new year. Let this new year bring with new hopes and beginnings in all our lives.

Happy to bring you all our January newsletter.The preceding year saw a lot of political and socio economic changes which was accompanied by its own highs and lows. Pandemic’s second wave destroyed the hopes of many. But this didn’t deter people from what they were able to accomplish.  It is because of our collective efforts and cooperation with  government and medical authorities that more than 35% of our population got vaccinated. Let our siege against the virus continue.

As a part of December month activities Thuvakkam planned and conducted 14 events.Out of which seven events were conducted in the offline mode and the rest virtually. In addition to it we conducted Treecember. “Treecember” is a tree plantation sponsorship drive wherein the collected amount will be used to plant trees in the name of the donors. Donors are provided with an opportunity to take part in the plantation and maintenance activities.Along with it ,they will receive quarterly updates on the growth and maintenance of  trees until it becomes self sustainable.

Spotlight event of the month was Thuvakkam joining hands with Hyundai Glovis India Private Ltd. for purchasing, packaging, procuring and delivering flood relief  kits. A total of 1,500 kits were delivered which included essential commodities such as rice, salt, sugar, oil, dhal, toiletries, tamarind etc. Relief kits were distributed to people who weren’t able to move past the ripple effects of November’s rains in Sriperumbudur,Kanchipuram. Moreover the greenery initiatives conducted in government higher secondary schools saw the enthusiastic participation of students in plantation activities. This boosted all our spirits and the school management agreed to take care of maintenance activities by involving students.

Taken in parts and as a whole our life journey includes several processes. Process to adapt to a change, process  to fathom our learnings, process to surge through the inevitable hardships in our quest to fulfill  basic needs and so on. The end product of all these processes is our ability to overcome mental, physical and moral dilemmas to find an eternal light defying our own purposes of existence. Our realization  could be that the entire journey is a part of the process. Let us all begin anew by finding hope, fulfillment and purpose in all that we do.


To new beginnings and achievements.


Thuvakkam Team

Change Happenings

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Spotlight of the Month

For the past few years, Thuvakkam has been constantly extending its supporting hand in aiding people who are affected by natural disasters. Hyundai Glovis is one of Thuvakkam’s CSR partners.Getting to know about a village in  Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu Glovis contacted Thuvakkam to procure provisions,pack it and deliver for distribution to people affected in November Floods. Thuvakkam did a preliminary check as to the requirements of the people from the village.This was followed by planning activities to procure provisions. There was a requirement of 1,500 kits that would go on to benefit 6,000 lives.Thuvakkam started reaching out to vendors who were willing to sell items required for the 1,500 kits. 

Departments within the organization joined hands to create a list for procurement along with packaging and delivery. Then proceeded to send the items for delivery.

All the items were packed in environmentally friendly reusable cloth bags. Thuvakkam used the help of its volunteers, members and laborers who worked round the clock in helping us segregate each provision into the 1,500 kits.After which it was loaded in a truck and was delivered to Hyundai Glovis for distribution.

It becomes pertinent for Thuvakkam to take into consideration the lack of essential commodities in our day to day life. Suffering is an inevitable part of a man’s life and Thuvakkam wishes that by providing a helping hand to people in dire situations we can make them strive through it.

Change Moments Captured

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Wall of Praise

Appreciation can make a day even change your life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary”

                                                                                                                    ~ Margaret Cousins


Well done on getting those important tasks done before the deadline. Your hard work helped the projects run further smoothly, and thus benefiting the entire team! Thank you for consistently performing at your best.



Thank you for stepping into the role of a co-ordinator when the situation demanded it and helping numerous families through procuring materials for the flood relief kits.

~Karthik Shivaa

Interns - Malarvizhi, Sundari, Madhumita, Muthupriya

Thanking you for your constant support in easing out the workload of the operations team.

Syed Sirajudeen

Gardeners and Laborers Omandurar

The first birthday celebration of our Miyawaki Urban Forestry site at Omandurar would have not been possible without the laborious struggles of the gardeners and workers. A whole hearted thanks from our side for making the forest a remarkable one.

~External Relation Team

Change Activist

Nithya Rangaraj

Nithya Rangaraj

Volunteer of the Month

December 2021

Change Crusader

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

Coordinator of the Month

December 2021

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