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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 02 – February 2022 

Dear Readers,

Happy to bring you all Thuvakkam’s February Newsletter.

Through collective and contributory efforts a hard worker becomes a smart worker. In order to attain that efficiency we ought to have acknowledged each of our efforts in making us skilled and curated towards achieving our goals far beyond a point where  we begin thinking we are living our dreams. It gives us immense joy and pleasure to take this moment to recognize and wholeheartedly appreciate all the people who took their time by putting their hard work to give a realistic colour to what we ought to be.

In the month of January Thuvakkam planned and conducted 6 events out of which 5 events were conducted in the offline mode and one event virtually.

The spotlight of the month involved Thuvakkam joining hands with RRD to create a Urban Forestry at Buckingham Canal behind Indira Nagar MRTS. This marked the 29th forest created under the Miyawaki Technique and the 16th forest under Chennaiyil Vanam initiative. During the plantation drive more than 600 saplings in 25+ species were planted.

The root of our hard work depends on our consistency, commitment and persistence with respect to our inclination in fulfilling our purpose that we aim to achieve through our dreams. Hoping that our hard work would fructify us in the long run.

Let us continue to strive for what is best for all.


Thuvakkam Team

Change Happenings

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Spotlight of the Month

Inauguration of the urban forest was done by. Mr. Ajay Vivan, Associate Ops. Account Manager and Mr Lawrence Antony, Senior Manager- Human Resources and Comm who represented RR Donnelley

This is the 29th forest created by Thuvakkam as a part of the Chennaiyil Vanam Initiative. The project site is located behind Buckingham Canal Indira Nagar MRTS. As a part of this project, Thuvakkam planted 700 saplings of more than 25 different species at an area of 3,000 sq. ft. The plantation activity took place on 8th January 2022.This project marked the 16th Chennaiyil Vanam Initiative undertaken by Thuvakkam. 

The Urban Forestry event conducted at Indira Nagar was a combination of environmental restoration and activities. Activities were carried out with the hopes of achieving the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) goals along with the objectives set forth by Chennai Smart City Limited and Climate action and life. The COVID-19 SOPs were followed during the event.

Change Moments Captured

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Wall of Praise

Appreciation can make a day even change your life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary”

                                                                                                                    ~ Margaret Cousins

Finance Team

Congratulations on strenuously working to complete this financial year’s  auditing.


Abhirami, Karthik. D

Thank you for creating a memorable pongal by organizing the event upholding our tradition and culture.

~Karthik Shivaa

Interns - Sundari & Malarvizhi

Kudos! For your participation in all activities even after internship period.

~External Relations

Thuvakkam Team

Good job in taking care of all the works despite pandemic hurdles.


Change Activist

David Derel

David Derel

Volunteer of the Month

January 2022

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Coordinator of the Month

January 2022

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