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Newsletter Edition: Vol 3. Issue 04 – April 2022

Dear Readers,

Happy to bring you all Thuvakkam’s  April Newsletter.

There comes a point in every individual’s life where we tend to reflect on our experiences. One of the foremost parts of our journey is walking through the fierce storms by being persistent. For that not only molds our experiences but also teaches us to walk through the hard parts when the lessons we learnt as a part of our experiences start falling out.

This comes true even in the context of us trying to create a collective social change. It doesn’t matter if we fall constantly, What matters is how we choose to get up. By choosing to get up we aren’t just trying to set out a statement on our resiliency. 

Thuvakkam planned and conducted 12 events in the month of March out of which 10 events were conducted in the online mode and the rest on field. Two Miyawaki Urban Forests were completed and the enhancement of learning through our Karka Kasadara Sessions expanded as students were taken on a field trip.

As the spotlight of the month Thuvakkam joined hands with L&T Constructions to create a schoolorts clean and colour event at MGR Cantonement High School Saint Thomas Mount. A total of 5,000 sq.ft. of wall was revamped as a part of the event. The event went on to benefit 200 students sustainably impacting the lives of 800 people. 

The fall that we experience is but a stumble in the path we take. We are here to show that despite the hard and soft ways of how we choose to walk,we can still continue to walk because the vagaries of the storms are not going to deter us from walking the path. By being resilient we would manage  to impact minds but being persistent we could manage to impact souls. 

Let our problems sink in, because the storm is just a hindrance in our path. Once it clears we can walk the path under a clear sky.


Thuvakkam Team

Change Happenings

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Change Created – March 2022


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Spotlight of the Month

School-Arts, Clean and Colour with L&T construction.

On 12th March, 2022 Thuvakkam in collaboration with L&T constructions conducted a school arts a.k.a clean and colour event at MGR Cantonment Board High School,Saint Thomas. Mount. Thuvakkam’s clean and colour event is one of its environmental initiatives wherein a particular stretch of wall is revamped and painted with pictures and creative messages on social awareness.

As a part of the event conducted at MGR Nagar Cantonment Board High School the theme of the painting was olympic games. Accordingly volunteers from L&T constructions, First source and Thuvakkam  joined together with art students to clean, colour, create and paint artworks relating to olympics. A total of 5,000 sq.ft. of wall was revamped for this project. In addition to olympics, cartoon figures, alphabets, numbers, and tamil letters were painted. A total of 200 children were benefitted as the event sustainably impacted the lives of 800 people. A total of 80 volunteers worked for the initiative clocking over 720 hours.

The event provided a unique experience to everyone involved as the aim of the event was fructified. Once volunteers finished their painting activities students themselves took painting activities under the guidance of their teachers. Paintings related to school curriculum were painted in classrooms, science labs and school campus.Apart from this the school staff and teachers took part in the event for the benefit of the students.

The event was conducted with the hopes of achieving the goal set out in the Ecosystem Restoration Decade(2021-2030) following the Covid-19 protocols. Thuvakkam aims to conduct more such events in the future

Change Moments Captured

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Wall of Praise

Appreciation can make a day even change your life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary”

                                                                                                                    ~ Margaret Cousins

Admin Team

Thanking you for assisting to complete the field trip event to book fair successfully.


Hari Haran Palani

Congratulating you for going beyond the requirements by putting in those extra efforts to bring about awareness to school students in a creative way.

~Karthik Shivaa

Staff, Students and Physical Education Teacher MGR Cantonment High School

The clean and colour event became more lively as it served the purpose because young minds eagerly participated in stoking the walls in the most colourful and creative way. Appreciation should also be extended to the school staff for supporting the students by enhancing their creativity.


Thuvakkam Team

Kudos! To the entire team for cooperating and helping in the process of unloading manure for maintenance purposes.


Swott Team and Mr. Sameer

Your cooperation, support and helping tendency helped us complete the Full Creative plantation successfully. Keep up your good work,continue contributing for the society.


Change Activist



Volunteer of the Month

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Change Activist



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March 2022

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March 2022

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