Join Hands to help with Thuvakkam

With Covid’s second wave hitting us hard, it is high time not to repeat the mistakes done during the first wave. It is time to think about the stranded and vulnerable communities, their physical and mental health. But there should always be a starting point for everyone to assemble and run forward towards the goal. Thuvakkam decided to be the starting point (Covid19 Response Fund) for this initiative and to bring people together.

The Focus:

Thuvakkam has an Emergency Response Team created for systematic handling of the initiative. Also, nothing like a bit of social media awareness, Thuvakkam makes sure to post regular updates about the program on their social media handles. The fundings that Thuvakkam receives is accumulated and distributed for various purposes like 

Mental Wellness of Covid affected patients and their families.

Aid in need, i.e., it is not just the people getting affected but also primary health centres, so equipment necessary for the treatment of Covid concerns is being provided. Blood and Plasma donation campaign is also being conducted as an add-on. 

Support for lower-income and underprivileged families and an idea called ‘Giving wall’ wherein people willing to contribute if not through funds can drop in essentials for people in need to pick it up. 

Thuvakkam also believes in Transparency about the funds being raised, all of which gets updated on social media and on the official website. Thuvakkam is a registered Non-Government Organization with Form 80G, which entails upto 50% of your donation Tax Exempt under Indian Income Tax Act.

So Far:

In the year 2020, Thuvakkam has made sure to achieve the following goals and is striving to do more for the society

  • Supplied Covid-19 Response kit to over 1900+ families
  • Reached out to 7600+ individuals
  • Provided dry ration and hygiene kit worth of INR18.5 lakhs to the people in need across 30+ localities
  • Created Covid-19 awareness to over 50,000+ people
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