Kural - The Voice of Truth is a magazine started with the passion to bring awareness and expose social problem in our society through writing. As the proverb goes, "Pen is mightier than the sword", Kural use its sharp words to bring out various social issues and give readers deep insights on subjects that need to be talked about. Kural focuse on articles that break the silence and talk about Menstruation, Transgender rights, Child sexual abuse and other untouched and unspoken topics.
Kural has multiple mainstays, two of which are "limelight" and "Let's get to know". the former casts a spotlight on social workers who are working selflessly to help people in the community, while the latter is a cloumn that will clearly explains an issue that the public need knowledge about.
Kural team as successfully completed our volume 1 with 12 issues last year and have released 4 issues in Volume 2 till date, by publishing a new issue on the 5th of every month. the complete Magazine is written, Edited and designed by our volunteers armed with just the passion to write and raise their voice for the society. Read to experience the real feel......

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