About foundation

A Non-Government Organization aimed at aiding society and
healing its vices and upholding its virtues

Our Vision

Our name, "THUVAKKAM" which has a root from tamil, precisely in English translates to 'A Beginning'.

And as for our watchword "Exceeding limits" we stoutly proclaim that we are primed for exceeding the hindrance that we face in this contemporary globe for the betterment of our society. We believe that this initiative inculcates an attitude of selflessness among individuals.

Our Mission

The world has to unite for a cause.

With headlines in the news showing a degradation of the values of our community, it is you and I, our decisions that will shape the future, from what is to what it will be. Rather than waiting for the promised better days, we, the youth have decided to begin ourselves, a "THUVAKKAM ", for the betterment of society.

List of our volunteers

One of the ultimate reason for the success of Thuvakkam is the Team who works happily for a change

  • Founder

  • Krishna Kumar Suresh
  • +91-9444333624
  • Secretary/Thuvakkam Hyderabad

  • Phaneendra Garapati
  • +91-9916198167
  • Secretary/Thuvakkam Bangalore

  • Harikiran
  • +91-9176423374
  • PRO

  • Gunasekaran
  • 9789958042